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Why Choose InGrav For your Business ?

lnGrav is a suite of cyber security products built on the latest and innovative technologies, that helps private and public organizations and government agencies to collect, analyze and monitor thousands ofpublicly available open sources, derive valuable insights and make fast and accurate decisions in the tech-driven digital age.

Financial Institutions

InGrav simplifies and accelerates ongoing financial risk assessments. Tools such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) enable financial institutions to isolate financial crime compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) risks

Government Agencies

InGrav serves government agencies in anticipating threats and build a smart portfolio of a desired target. InGrav collects, analyzes and monitors thousands of publicly available open sources, derives valuable insights and makes fast and accurate decisions in the tech-driven digital age.


InGrav offers various Intelligent Solutions and Reports for Employment, Vetting and Screening, Legal Background Check, Corporate Due Diligence and Accountability, Criminal and Fraud Investigations.

What we do

InGrav Platform is a suite of various integrated cyber products, tools and services

InGrav Profiling - PeopleMon

Is a leading data analytics solution that offers agencies access to comprehensive analytical reports about a specific person or entities of interest.

InGrav Intel - OsintMon

Is a dynamic intelligence and analysis tool that allows users to harness all publicly available information on the web, such as social media, news, websites, blogs, and countless other sources.

InGrav I3P

Is a dynamic platform designed and developed on robust and trustworthy technologies that allow us to leverage the untapped potential of big data analytics across multiple verticals.

InGrav Database - DB

An Intensive catalogue of data correlated, cleansed and processed over the past 20 years, to enrich and derive quick decision.

InGrav Scout

InGrav Scout is a Nation infrastructure scanner and threat intelligence data feed.

InGrav CryptoMon

Is the latest add-on to InGrav Platform that helps spotting the connection between digital identities and link transactions to real identities.

Our technology

The Platform scans massive amounts of content across the web and beyond

Correlates and aggregates raw data, analyzes it rapidly, accurately, and efficiently in order to achieve two main goals: firstly, to generate a smart portfolio of the desired target, which could be a person, company or an infrastructure and, secondly, to anticipate threats, if not prevent them.

InGrav has a built-in set of Industry

leading data that contributes in accelerating the process of automated data discovery and masking of sensitive information.

InGrav is a Dynamic Platform

that allows automation plug-in of various data stored in multiple data store (Hadoop, Elastic Search, SQL, etc.)

InGrav built on Rest API

that enables easy integration with any external services and uses big data technology, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to have a robust, reliable and scalable platform



Identify and verify the details of your clients to ensure anti-corruption compliance with real-time insights and zero risks of clerical errors. InGrav's KYC solution is fully customized to respond to your business needs, ensure top-notch security and optimize the user experience.


Powerful yet simple, build on REST API Technology, InGrav Platform provides full SDK tools that promote any organization to search and retrieve datasets within its own user interface.


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